Here’s one I made earlier…

Stoke Newington Church Street is home to some amazing shops, boutiques and outlets. But none are more impressive than the junk yard on Marton Road. I’m not entirely sure where the shady characters acquire their goods. Nor do I know how their seemingly random pricing structure works. But what I do know is that every now and then you will find something there that, after a bit of haggling, is probably worth its money.

In November last year I found this piano stool. It had been abused over time: horrible upholstery, dodgy repairs and awful varnishing had turned it into a bit of a dog. So of course I was eager to blow £13 on it.

I took it apart, stripped it down using some evil smelling paint stripper paste, repaired it as best I could, stained and varnished it, reassembled it and finally reupholstered the seat using some of John Lewis’ finest fabric.

The result is a handy piano stool that holds Kate’s Clarinet and sheet music. It also doubles as a computer stool – I’m sitting on it as I write!

Go on, say it!

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