Launching today: frame me something

Richard Branson started with a record shop. And now look at him! He’s best friends with Usain Bolt and he’s about to send a load of people into almost-space. His cola was crap, but still he’s done well.

Well, I decided to take a leaf out of his book (I haven’t actually read his book – I imagine it’s kinda dull) and am expanding my manufacturing empire. So, take note of where you’re standing, because in 50 years’ time you’ll be telling your grandchildren about this day.

Because today I am launching FRAME ME SOMETHING, a revolutionary service that involves me making bespoke picture frames for your favourite photographs, screen prints or gouache finger paintings.

As some of you might know, I recently bought some picture frame moulding. When I say “some”, I mean approximately 130 metres of the stuff. Different styles, lengths, widths, colours – it’s like the Virgin Megastore of moulding. I’ve just catalogued it (which took me about 4 hours) and you can find the pictures below.

If you are interested in utilising this revolutionary service, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Browse the photos and choose a few styles using the alphanumeric codes
  2. Send me the details of the picture that needs framing (size, what it’s mounted on and ideally a picture so I can advise on frame style)
  3. Agree to pay me da big bucks (accept a quote)
  4. Get the picture to me
  5. Receive your framed piece of amazingness

I’m going to be figuring out costs, so you should be getting a bit of a bargain if you come to me before I move to Necker Island .

NOTE: The “alpha” part of the code is a loose descriptor of the style or colour: G is for Gold, C is for Classic, S is for silver, B is for Blue, K is for Black, L is for Light wood.

Go on, say it!

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