Stu’ve been framed

It would be fair to say that 2014 wasn’t my most productive year. Sure, I got a new job, got engaged, cycled from Prague to Vienna. But I didn’t make much.
Until a couple of months ago, when I decided that my saws needed dusting off (ironically everything else is now entirely covered in dust) and I should make something.
The first job was to frame these fantastic photos of Hong Kong, taken by my friend Stu. Because he’s a demanding kind of guy and won’t take no for an answer (and he beats me) I had to learn how to make mounts. It turns out that unless you have all the requisite tools that a framer might own, this particular job requires a sharp scalpel, some thick card and a shed load of patience.
In the end, I hope the frames did the photographs justice and that they haven’t been replaced with posters of Kelly Brooke. Yet.




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