Back to Boulle

It’s been over eight years since I left the gloriously carefree bosom of full-time education. Since then I’ve been living that famous metropolitan dream: making my own pocket money, cooking my own dinners (some of the time) and doing my own washing (all of the time).

So the prospect of jacking it all in and going back to school was a bit daunting. But there was no way of chickening out: I was going to France’s most renowned furniture school to study cabinetmaking, or ‘ébénisterie’ (so called because ebony was the first exotic wood used to create the elaborate decorative outer shell of fine furniture in the early 17th century).

And in any case, I’d told too many people that I was going for it. This included a Scottish B&B owner called Norrie – I couldn’t bear the thought of disappointing him.


So last night I packed my satchel (it’s technically a man-bag), set my alarm for 6.30am (yes the French start early) and got myself so excited about my first day back at school that I couldn’t sleep properly.


This evening, after eight exhausting hours of lessons, I’ve come to the following conclusions:

  1. I know very little about the history of furniture
  2. I can’t draw to save my life
  3. At a certain point in life, eating your lunch whilst sat on the schoolyard floor becomes a degrading experience


Oh and I guess last but not least, I should add that:

  1. It’s bloody brilliant to be back at school


I can’t wait for tomorrow.


Obligatory ‘first day at school’ photo





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