It’s been a bit quiet round here lately. I’ve been busy moving flat and haven’t yet found a workshop (if anyone’s got a shed near Stoke Newington, let me know). But this weekend I made a little bathroom shelf. It was essentially a copy of something I saw in a shop called Homage, which I…

La souris est en dessous de la table!

If you haven’t seen Eddie Izzard’s sketch on learning French, click here and come back to this when you’ve stopped laughing. If you have seen it, then you’ll be disappointed that this post isn’t very funny. Ah well. I have spent the last couple of weeks thinking about how to  build a dinner table for…

I love lamp. Still.

“A bad workman blames his tools” is one of those sayings that rally gets me. If I have a blunt chisel, why shouldn’t I blame it? Stupid thing should be sharper. OK, so I could sharpen it or throw it in the bin and get a better one. I suppose that’s the lesson I’ve learnt….

Only 24 days to go!

It’s December now, which makes this perfectly acceptable. Unlike Christmas songs, which are never appropriate.

I love lamp.

This is my next project. Anyone know anything about switches?

Watch the throne.

T-illy, my little hip-hop niece, has finally got a throne. It’s taken me over a year to restore this 1930s “Atcraft” folding high-chair and because it’s so gangsta (it’s got spinners), the rest of this post will be translated through gizoogle.net – that’s right biatch. Just over a year ago I came across a 1930z…

Stop! Thief!

I stole four bulldog clips today and I feel very guilty. But it was all in the name of art. This print has been in a wrong-sized plastic IKEA frame for too long now. So hopefully this looks a little better. Next week: bedside tables made from staples and post-it notes.

Delia’s Palmiers

Ok, so this doesn’t really fall into the woodworking category, but it is technically “something” and so I figured it deserved a post on this blog. These tasty palmiers are a right bitch to make as delia’s thousand-year old instructions are somewhat misleading. And proper scales would probably help… Parma ham in one set, anchovies…

Art Nouveau

It was my mum’s (34th or thereabouts-ish) birthday recently and so I thought I’d make her something. No I’m not being cheap! I’m being thoughtful. Whatever. Shut up. Anyway, Mrs Jordan’s a big fan of Art Nouveau and I spotted this old tile in “Pictures & Light”, a lovely little shop on Stoke Newington Church Street….

You have to start somewhere

What do you dream of? A huge mansion with 9 bathrooms? A cute little cottage in the countryside? Or maybe a penthouse flat at the top of the shard? Well, I like the idea of a surf shack on a nice bit of coast. Of course there’d be a workshop for making stuff in. And…

Got wood?

Who’s got 3 metres of tasmanian oak? Oh, I do. Boom.

Blimey, it looks like a house!

I got fed up with the crappy doorstop tonight, so I made a new one. This little house-shaped fella is doing a fine job of keeping the door open! Hoorah!