Light relief therapy.

It’s time for a break. Stop reading about all the crazy stuff that’s happening out there. Stop promising to close your Facebook account. Stop sharing hilarious tweets about how we’re all fu*ked. Instead, let me take you on a beautifully random tour of vaguely furniture-related stories, anecdotes and thoughts. I can’t promise to change your…

A cut above the rest.

A wooden box for the Thomas Clipper Mark One Razor.

Watch the throne.

T-illy, my little hip-hop niece, has finally got a throne. It’s taken me over a year to restore this 1930s “Atcraft” folding high-chair and because it’s so gangsta (it’s got spinners), the rest of this post will be translated through – that’s right biatch. Just over a year ago I came across a 1930z…

This is the FUTURE. Right now.

These guys are clever. Really clever. They’ve developed an open-source programme that allows people to simply design furniture and have it made and sent to your home. Watch this video. NOW! p.s. thanks to Nick Clegg for sending me this