The best lightbox in the world. Ever.

I’m glad my five years in advertising haven’t been a complete waste of time. My mind-controlling wizard tricks have finally paid off. After only a year of the brilliantly-named “” someone has finally thought “yes, good idea, make me something”. And so it came about that my mate Franz over at became my modern-day…

Kenny’s Koat Rack

After about a year of badgering, I finally got round to making this coat rack for my mate Kenny. It’s fairly minimalist – a simple planed block of Tasmanian oak with three mini G-clamps as hooks. I’ll hopefully be able to post some photos of it on a wall soon. This is the first piece…

I love lamp. Still.

“A bad workman blames his tools” is one of those sayings that rally gets me. If I have a blunt chisel, why shouldn’t I blame it? Stupid thing should be sharper. OK, so I could sharpen it or throw it in the bin and get a better one. I suppose that’s the lesson I’ve learnt….

Got wood?

Who’s got 3 metres of tasmanian oak? Oh, I do. Boom.