Make stuff, be happy

If you’re a regular Shortlist reader, you might have spotted this recent cover feature on “making stuff”. In it, Matt Hussey explores the recent increase in men swapping their desk jobs for manual labour – whether it’s building bikes or making furniture. According to psychologists it can go some way to combatting male depression, an…

The best lightbox in the world. Ever.

I’m glad my five years in advertising haven’t been a complete waste of time. My mind-controlling wizard tricks have finally paid off. After only a year of the brilliantly-named “” someone has finally thought “yes, good idea, make me something”. And so it came about that my mate Franz over at became my modern-day…


It’s been a bit quiet round here lately. I’ve been busy moving flat and haven’t yet found a workshop (if anyone’s got a shed near Stoke Newington, let me know). But this weekend I made a little bathroom shelf. It was essentially a copy of something I saw in a shop called Homage, which I…

I love lamp. Still.

“A bad workman blames his tools” is one of those sayings that rally gets me. If I have a blunt chisel, why shouldn’t I blame it? Stupid thing should be sharper. OK, so I could sharpen it or throw it in the bin and get a better one. I suppose that’s the lesson I’ve learnt….

Got wood?

Who’s got 3 metres of tasmanian oak? Oh, I do. Boom.

Blimey, it looks like a house!

I got fed up with the crappy doorstop tonight, so I made a new one. This little house-shaped fella is doing a fine job of keeping the door open! Hoorah!

Woodworking course – week 4

Did you know there’s a farm in Highbury? Me neither. Until I embarked on a woodworking course, held at Freightliners city farm, just north of Highbury & Islington station. It’s a strange little place where chickens cluck, kids learn and I narrowly avoid stabbing myself with a chisel.  Tom Trimmins (the 8th in his family…

Music stand (ctd)

Music stand is coming along nicely. Wood, perspex and metal should hopefully come together in the end. Using the studding and wing nuts as page holders. Damn pages keep turning themselves…

Elizabeth is finished (finally)!

Wow. That took longer than expected. I blame the Queen. Which is why I’m naming the table that I started work on many moons ago and have now finally completed in her honour. Elizabeth started life as a messy plasterer’s table, abandoned outside a house just down the road. I couldn’t leave her there and…

the next victim

My next victim will be this little orphan of a table. He was abandoned outside a flat down the road and I decided to take him in. I think he was conceived by some plasterers who were pretty handy with a nailgun. Anyway, I’ll be turning him into a sort of games table/foot stool/coffee table.