BOOM! Call me artisan ébéniste…

A year ago today I was drinking a diabolo menthe in a café in Paris, dreaming about the idea of making furniture for a living.

A year later, I have completed the first major step in turning that dream into reality by passing my ‘CAP ébénisterie’!

It’s been an amazing year at Ecole Boulle, where I’ve learnt a lot of new skills and made some great friends. And being able to call myself an artisan ébéniste is pretty cool too…

But now comes the tough bit, so wish me luck as I leave the bosom of full-time education and try and make it in the big bad world of cabinetmaking…


P.S. if you’d like to support me in my new career by sending me a large cheque, introducing me to important people or simply by giving me a job then I’d be more than grateful…


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  1. Myriam Visram says:

    Dear Kim! Well done..follow your instinct and I am sure you wil succeed. M.

  2. Myriam Visram says:


  3. kenny says:


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