Elizabeth is finished (finally)!

Wow. That took longer than expected. I blame the Queen. Which is why I’m naming the table that I started work on many moons ago and have now finally completed in her honour.

Elizabeth started life as a messy plasterer’s table, abandoned outside a house just down the road. I couldn’t leave her there and so decided to take her in and give her a make-over.

I soon decided that a full rebuild was necessary and so, after pulling the thing apart, I started planing. And let me tell you something about planing nasty 4 x 2″: it’s messy. But it’s also strangely satisfying.

Next came some measuring, marking up and cutting of the tenon and mortise

Once the basic structure was complete…

… I needed to cut out the channel for the perspex undertray.

Then came the painting. Lots and lots of painting.

And last but not least, the glue!

Et voila! Elizabeth is complete.

Go on, say it!

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